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NAPA SAFEPAY+ is a program designed to help our independent NAPA AUTO PARTS stores and our NAPA AutoCare Centers lower their costs, reach new customers and protect customers’ credit card by ensuring Cardholder data is encrypted right when it’s swiped.

What is PCI compliance, and why do I need to care?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a set of requirements to ensure that all companies that process, store, and transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Small businesses are required to be PCI compliant and are often more susceptible to fraud.

Will NAPA SAFEPAY+ reduce my costs for credit card processing?

With NAPA SAFEPAY+, you have the opportunity to pay processing rates similar to large chain retailers, without hidden costs and fees. Many independent NAPA AUTO PARTS stores and NAPA AutoCare Centers have reported as much as a 20% reduction in their card acceptance costs.

How can I determine if I will actually see these savings with NAPA SAFEPAY+?

Please take us up on our offer to provide you with a free comparative analysis by calling 1-800-394-1897. A representative at our dedicated enrollment line will be happy to complete a comparison between your current plan and the costs you might expect with NAPA SAFEPAY+.

What does NAPA SAFEPAY+ offer that will help me reach new customers?

With NAPA SAFEPAY+ you will be able to accept all the major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Additionally, you will be able to accept Voyager and Wright Express Fleet cards. The NAPA Gift Card is another program benefit that has been proven to attract new customers.

Why must I purchase new equipment for NAPA SAFEPAY+?

Protecting your customers’ credit card information and protecting you as a merchant from fraudulent transactions are some of the primary benefits of NAPA SAFEPAY+. The equipment used for NAPA SAFEPAY+ has the latest in encryption technology and provides the highest security protection required for sensitive credit card information.

How long will it take for me to receive my new NAPA SAFEPAY+ equipment?

Once your completed paperwork is received, it takes five to seven business days for your new equipment to arrive. Additional time is needed to set up the systems at your location to allow for end-to-end encryption, as well as the ability to accept Voyager and Wright Express fleet cards and the NAPA Gift Card. To expedite the process, equipment will be shipped via Second Day Air.

Will I be able to connect my new equipment to the Internet for faster transaction speed?

The terminals used with NAPA SAFEPAY+ are capable of dual communications. They can be connected to the Internet (IP) and/or dial.

Do I have to enroll in NAPA SAFEPAY+ to participate in the NAPA Gift Card program?

The NAPA Gift Card program is a benefit of NAPA SAFEPAY+. One of the features of the gift card program is that there are no transaction fees. In order to process NAPA Gift Card transactions at no cost, you must be a part of the NAPA SAFEPAY+ payment network.

Are there any additional expenses for the NAPA Gift Card program?

There are no monthly fees. To get started, you will be provided a NAPA Gift Card starter kit at no cost. The kit includes 100 NAPA gift cards, an acrylic display rack, a comprehensive user guide, and some in store marketing materials. The kit will be shipped automatically after you enroll in NAPA SAFEPAY+ and will arrive two to three weeks after your equipment.

How do I enroll in NAPA SAFEPAY+?

Please call our dedicated enrollment line at 1-800-394-1897 Option 2 or send an email to [email protected].

Who do I contact if I am already using NAPA SAFEPAY+ and need help?

Please visit our Contact Us page to find the best resource to help with your need.

“ What a Program! We have already seen savings in the 20% range. This is by far the best we have seen of any processing system we have used in the past. To add to the savings, the processing itself is super-fast and our customers as well as our employees could not be more relieved with the encryption for PCI compliance. We hesitated slightly due to the processing fee, but in retrospect, I wish we had moved quicker to get this program. We recovered our losses on the terminal fee in a month’s time, and in customer service alone, we would have been willing to pay the extra amount. Well done NAPA! Thanks for offering us the best programs in the industry! ”

-Paula Hendrickson of The Car Shop. Eagle River, WI. Enrolled in NAPA SAFEPAY+ 2/10/12

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