Genuine Parts Company recognized that by aggregating the collective buying power of NAPA independent owners and NAPA AutoCare members, the solution could be simplified, rates could be lowered and the NAPA System could work together saving money while safeguarding their customer’s data integrity. NAPA’s done the due diligence based on years of expertise and established the trusted partnerships to best serve your business.

Increased Credit Card Security

NAPA SAFEPAY+ is based on a payment technology enabling encryption of credit and debit card data within the credit card terminals. This can help protect your customer’s card data and assist you with meeting PCI Requirements.

Is your business PCI Compliant? With NAPA SAFEPAY+, you will have an advantage in protecting your customer’s credit card data by ensuring Cardholder data is encrypted right when it’s swiped.

Gift Cards

NAPA SAFEPAY+ will be the way NAPA store owners and AutoCare Centers can participate in the new gift card program. Gift cards are available now! Don’t miss out on those special occasions where a gift card is the perfect gift or ideal for a sponsorship opportunity. Only available to purchase at participating NAPA locations with NAPA SAFEPAY+ and only accepted at NAPA SAFEPAY+ locations. Order large quantities to support local special events, store openings or to hand out to installers to thank them for their business.

Fleet Cards

NAPA SAFEPAY+ credit card terminals include the ability to accept Voyager and Wright-Express fleet cards. We believe that many of the 7 million plus fleet vehicles that prefer to pay with one of these fleet cards drive past NAPA locations to our competition where these cards are accepted. Don’t miss the business opportunity, have these customers use Fleet cards in your store.

Instant Credit

NAPA SAFEPAY+ offers the option to participate in NAPA EasyPay instant credit program. This is a new program with fewer fees than the existing program with no minimum usage requirements. This is a consumer program and is not intended for commercial customers. Offering your customers NAPA EasyPAY instant credit will help you sell more parts, and perform the service your customers want and need today.

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